Team up with our certified billing experts for faster reimbursements, improved cash flow and compliance, and greater visibility into your billing.

Our EMS Billing Services Eliminate Billing Frustrations:

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Fill in Unexpected Labor Gaps

If you’re experiencing unexpected departures, maternity leaves, or any sudden shortage of labor, we can quickly provide you with the labor and expertise you need to continue billing optimally.

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Increase Accounts Receivable Collections

Are accounts receivable collection rates unsatisfactory? Our experienced and certified staff knows the optimal procedure to deal with insurance companies or other entities to increase your collection rates.

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Simplify Tedious Charge Entries

Tedious tasks such as charge entries can eat up your staff’s time and resources. Our experts can help you simplify these tasks so you can focus on more pressing matters.

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Streamline the Entire Billing Process

For those that are starting out or would like to revamp the billing process, we bring forth our combined experience and expertise to handle all billing tasks and streamline the entire workflow for you.

What billing issues are you facing? Contact us to see if we can help.

Rely on Our Knowledge, Experience and Attitude


Ambulance Coding Certified to Mitigate Compliance Risks

Since all our staff have Ambulance Coding Certifications, they are both efficient and compliant.

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Highly Experienced Staff to Handle Tough Situations

Our billing staff working for you each have at least 5-10 years of EMS billing experience, making them extremely knowledgeable and proficient even in the toughest situations.


"Fearless" Leadership to Get You Paid

Our goal is to get you paid. We are “fearless” when it comes to hunting down your outstanding receivables.

Working With Us is Like Adding a Member to Your Team

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Full 360° Transparency

Unlike other 3rd party billing companies, you see everything we do and can review our work performance in your EMS management software – at all times.

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Monthly Progress Meetings and Reports

We work with you as a team and proactively provide monthly status reports - not just stock reports, not just the reports we want you to see, but actual billing and collections reports.

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Real-time Cashflow Status

Unlike other 3rd party billing companies, you get to see your real-time cashflow status in your EMS software at any time for better planning and decision-making. No need to wait for us or anyone else for that matter.

Compliance, Quality, and Integrity You can Count On

“Revenue Cycle Management in EMS today requires tremendous attention with Compliance, Quality, and Integrity.  These are two qualities I looked for 12 years ago when I selected my first third party billing company and remains a priority as I selected Versatile Revenue Management as my current third-party billing company.

I have been working with the team at Versatile Revenue Management for two years now.  Additionally, I have on-boarded two additional companies into my billing platform.  Versatile Revenue Management successfully guided me and my team(s) through process implementation.

Working with Versatile Revenue Management, I have seen an increase in our cash receipts, decrease in DSO, and very good communication allowing concerns to be addressed sooner than later.

Versatile Revenue Management provides me transparency into the billing software along with metrics and reporting to gauge efficiency and effectiveness of their performance.  I feel I have a partner in Versatile Revenue Management that I can count on in providing me the Compliance, Quality, and Integrity needed in our EMS System.”

David Thomas Alstar EMS

David Thomas, Executive Director

W.C.A. Services Corporation, Dba ALSTAR EMS

Get Started in 24 Hours with No Commitment and Risk

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No Transition Headaches

No need to switch clearinghouses. No operational changes needed. We just login to your system like an employee and begin maximizing your car flow.

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Turnaround in 24 Hours

To get started, all we need is for you to add account logins to your EMS system. Turnaround time takes as long as it does for you to create account logins.

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Cancel Anytime

You can choose to terminate our contract at any time - all we require is 30 days notice. We’ll continue to work your account in the next 90 days as you transition.

Bring Increased Revenue, Stability and Mitigated Compliance Risks to Your EMS Billing